Who is salia jac?

Salia JAC is a brand that believes in slow fashion, cruelty free fashion, individual beauty, and looking after Mother Nature.


We are committed to delivering a high quality product & service that contributes the least amount harm towards the planet; we continue to improve this process every single day! Through Salia Jac we aim to educate and inspire others about a harm free life style while actively supporting and living the lifestyle


So lets break it down…

Cruelty Free

All our products are 100% animal free, yes that’s right. We don’t believe in killing for fashion, looking good is also about feeling good!

Fast fashion is on the way out, otherwise so are we! We wont bore you with the facts here, but if you would like to know more on the topic we have a whole page dedicated to educate and inform you on these issue along with many other important topics. However I will leave you with a quote from Lucy Siegle –

 “ Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying.”


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body image / Beauty

I know we are not alone when we say we are so sick and tired of the pressure society puts on people to maintain and look a certain way…IT’S BULLSHIT.


From being super skinny to the hour glass Kim K craze, it has funneled us into a world of Botox, fillers, nose jobs, waistbands, Yo Yo dieting, and ultimaley depression as we are chasing an image that –

1. does not embrace the beauty in each individual

2. Is an impossible and unhealthy image to uphold


We are setting the bar for what it means to be beautiful and putting out a message of unreal expectation of what natural beauty is. I don’t agree and instead of promoting an image that makes most women and men feel unworthily and insecure we want to open up a discussion and find away to empower people to embrace there natural beauty inside and out and pass on those good vibes.


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Mother Nature

Global warming is real and the fashion industry is a big contributor. We see a lot of buzz words being thrown around – sustainable, environmentally friendly, Organic but can this industry be 100% sustainable or environmentally friendly? We are not sure but one thing we know is we will try our very best to find out and in the words of Yvon Chouinard - “build the best prouduct, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”


We are about talking the talk and walking the walk, we are far from perfect and on a journey of contuine growth and improvement, but you have to start somewhere! So far we can say:


·             All our tees are Certified Organic Cotton and locally printed, supporting local business with a more sustainable method.


·             90% of Salia Jacs clothing can be traced back to its originally origin (if not it is likely because it’s recycled fabric, but I will come back to that) The fabric if monitored on its journey from farm to factory, retailer to us. We believe it is crucial to trace the supply chain back to its original origin otherwise how can we really be sure that anything is organic, sustainable and ethical produced and made… We put in hours of hard work sourcing the right fabrics and suppliers but we are far from taking all the credit, it would not be possible without working with inspirational companies and organizations like Global Organic textile Standard (GOTS), Lebenskleidung and the ethical fashion source.


So how can you find out this information? All Salia Jac clothing comes with a tag that has a QR code attached, upon scanning this tag you will be given information on that particular garments, care information and help tips. This can also be found on our website below each item.

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·             We work with like-minded people and companies to produce all our packaging and marketing material, with majority of the businesses coming from the local community.


·             We have a plastic bag ban within Salia Jac and bags are only used where we are yet to find another option. Postage is one example of where we are looking to move to a completely plastic free process. On a high note we have a no plastic agreement with our beautiful manufacturing team in Fiji.